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Think wise
Most successful immigrants to Canada were asked to get some tips to help individuals who are new to our nation. These immigrants also have won awards

New Life
New to Canada? Befuddled with your new home? Relax, as there are a host of services that can help you, as a new immigrant, to Canada.

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
New to Canada or thinking of immigration to Canada? You're probably wondering about finding your first new home in our country

Eagle totem pole at the summit of the Malahat mountain in Vancouver
As an immigrant, you may want to know that immigration has played an important part in the last 200 years. Many ethnic and religious groups make up the Canada of today

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
New immigrant to Canada? Worried about Employment Opportunities? Of course, it will depend on your skills and expertise

Christmas Decorations at Nathan Phillip Square in Toronto
New Immigrant in Canada ? Getting settled in Canada requires learning more about the language, services as well as the culture of Canada.

St. Johns Newfoundland Downtown and Harbor
Thinking of migrating to Canada? You might consider the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the city of St. John's.

Woman with Canadian Flag
Canadian citizenship application? You need to check the total of your physical presence calculator match the minimum what IRCC will accept.

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
What do you know about the province of Alberta? it's located between British Columbia and Saskatchewan

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
Do you have parents or grandparents who would love to live with you in Canada? There is a program for Canadians who are permanent residents.

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
Thinking to Study in Manitoba? Do you know International students who study at a designated learning institution (DLI) can apply for a post graduate work permit (PGWP).

Vancouver City Urban
Have you considered applying for a study permit in British Columbia? With a host of schools, colleges and universities, get more information by reading this article