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Physical Presence Calculator For Citizenship

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The Physical Presence Calculator For Citizenship

Do you know what the Physical Presence Test Calculator is? If you are considering becoming a citizen of Canada, you will need to know about this easy tool. How long you have been in Canada is one of the basic requirements for becoming a citizen.

Becoming a citizen means that you will gain certain rights. Adding to your rights when you became a permanent resident, citizenship will give you even more. From feeling more secure to ease of travel that citizenship bestows, knowing about the physical presence test to see if you qualify may be your first step. The video may help you to further understand the process.

Becoming a citizen has many benefits and is the key to successful integration into Canadian life. Voting, entering politics and improved employment opportunities are just some of the advantages.

The Canadian Citizenship Residency Calculator

To apply for citizenship we recommend using citizenship physical presence calculator, you must have been present in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days. You must also have had permanent residency for at least two years.

Being in prison, on parole or on probation will not count when meeting the time requirement. There may be exceptions, in some cases, however.

The physical presence calculator can also be used when entering time spent as a protected person as well as temporary resident. Refugees and protected persons can count the time from the date when the PRRA application approval was granted until the day before you became a permanent resident.

You will need to fill in the dates correctly as well as all the required information. You must also enter any time spent serving a sentence and any time you have spent away from Canada.

Using the physical presence calculator is a great step. It will tell you whether you can apply now or when you will be eligible to apply. Make use of this accurate and helpful tool. If you meet the requirement, you can attach a copy of the physical presence calculator form with your citizenship application.

What Are Some Other Citizenship physical presence requirement?

You will need to meet the following basic requirements that are put forth by IRCC, (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.) These include the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must have adequate knowledge of English or French/ proof will be required
  • Prior to applying, you must have filed and paid income tax for 3 years
  • You will be taking a test
  • You have lived in Canada for at least 1,095 days (see above regarding the calculator)

Why Should You Become a Canadian Citizen?

With even more benefits than permanent residency, citizenship will give you the following:

Dual citizenship

You won’t have to choose between becoming a Canadian citizen and being a citizen of your home country. Canada does not make you choose; you can have dual citizenship, which will also depend on your home country.


With an excellent reputation throughout the globe, citizens of Canada are able to travel to most of the countries without the necessity of obtaining a visa. Included are the USA, UK, and the 26 Schengen Countries, which is an agreement group of European Union members.

The Canadian passport is ranked as one of the best in the world. In 2021, it ranked 9th out of 199 passports.


Want to see government changes? You’ll be able to run for office at the local level as well as provincial level. You’ll also be able to vote to make your voice heard. Parliament will now be possible, if that is your goal.

More job opportunities

Government jobs, in addition to some other ones, will now be open to you. If you’ve always wanted to work in security, that will also be possible.

Your children will benefit

A Canadian citizen can transfer their citizenship to their children and those who are their descendants. In fact, if your children are born in Canada they are automatically citizens. If they are born outside of this country, as a citizen, you can automatically transfer citizenship to them.

You’ll never have to renew immigration documents

The Citizenship Certificate is valid indefinitely, unlike the permanent resident card, which is valid for only 5 years. You will not longer have to pay that renewal fee, as well.

What’s more, you can be a citizen forever and will have the security of knowing you belong in Canada.

Pride in your country

You’ll be able to participate in ceremonies, including the Citizenship Ceremony. Other events will be the source of pride as you are now part of the Canadian family of peoples.

What is the Present Processing Time For Citizenship?

The present processing time for the citizenship application is 12 months. This includes the time for the application to be checked. It allows time to prepare for the test and the interview.

The citizenship test is now given online as well as interviews and hearings, which are given with videoconferencing. Age and application may determine if you take a test or go with an interview. If you are over 55, you may only do the interview and not the test. Those who do not want to do the test or interview online will have to wait until in-person testing and interviewing resumes.

What can you expect on the citizenship test?

There are 20 questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians. Tested will be the following areas of knowledge:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Economy
  • Laws
  • Government
  • Symbols

There will be multiple choice as well as true or false questions. You can study for the test beforehand. This page gives you information and allows you to prepare.

Questions about Canadian citizenship eligibility?

If you have questions regarding citizenship, permanent residency or citizenship calculator, we can help you. As a certified immigration consultant, Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting has a team that have been through the immigration process. They are knowledgeable and can help you with the applications or documentation.

We are a notary public and can certify documents as well as make sure you have the correct ones for your application. Contact us to learn more and get started in becoming a proud citizen of Canada.