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Meeting the Online Physical Presence Requirement in Canada

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Meeting the Online Physical Presence Requirement in Canada

Are you a permanent resident who wishes to apply for citizenship in Canada? One of the requirements is that you will need to have been present in the country for at least 1,095 days. It means that you may not meet the physical presence requirement if you have been in Canada less than two years. As your certified Canada Immigration Consultants, we can help answer your citizenship and immigration questions.

You can take advantage of an online physical presence calculator that can help you in determining if you have resided in Canada long enough to meet the requirement. Filling out the test can get you started on the citizenship application procedure.

Some Considerations

Some things to consider when calculating time spent in Canada include:

  • Last five years before the application
  • Each day as an authorized temporary or protected person before becoming permanent resident
  • Each day after becoming a permanent resident
  • Time spent serving a sentence

What is a Physical Presence Calculator in Canada?

According to the Government of Canada, there is a physical presence test calculator that you can use to determine how long you have been here.

How to Fill It Out

woman typing on a computerPlease note that this calculator only collects information about the 5 years prior to the application date. Here is what to do:

  • Correctly enter all dates
  • List time if spent serving a sentence in Canada
  • List time away from Canada, whether for vacation, work or travel, during the last 5 years

If you made trips to the U.S. and stayed more than a day, you will need the dates of departure and return.

What Happens Next

You are now one step closer to meeting the Canadian immigration and citizenship requirements. If you met the physical presence requirement, print the calculation and attach it to your Canadian citizenship application.

If you did not meet the physical presence requirement, you should have a date when you are eligible if you remain in Canada. You will need to provide an email address if you want to save your information.

If you have more questions regarding physical presence, we can answer them. There is also a question and answer section on the Government of Canada site.

What Are Some Other Requirements Besides Physical Presence?

Some of the other requirements for citizenship include:

We can answer your questions regarding citizenship and immigration Canada. The Canadian government also explains the steps involved in Canadian citizenship.

Whether you are just migrating to Canada or have lived here for five years, we can help you with the process of Canada immigration and citizenship. As Canada immigration experts, we have the knowledge as well as experience to make your life in Canada easier and more fulfilling. Why not let us help answer your concerns while making the path to citizenship smoother?

Our team members were also immigrants at one time and know that there are many questions that need clarification. Let us take care of some of the stress relating to immigration and citizenship as you become a Canadian citizen.