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What's a Licensed immigration Consultant ?

CSHI was founded by Mariam Butrus, a Registered Immigration Consultant and Licensed immigration Consultant. Mariam is a Canadian who re-settled in Canada in 1993. In fact, the entire team of CSHI professionals are immigrants who can relate and understand all the stress and difficulties immigrating to a new country can cause.

Above all, CSHI is comprised of professionals who have the perfect combination of skills, expertise and passion. This extraordinary combination has helped us immensely in providing our clients satisfactory results.

Our reputation

We are widely known in the community to be a reputable firm because of our work ethic and knowledge in the field. We know our clients by their names and we know each one of their stories and what they have been through. This makes our clients feel at ease knowing that we understand exactly what they are going through. We stand by our work and not only do we help our clients during their immigration process but we always ensure to maintain a lifelong trusting relationship with our clients.

Licensed immigration Consultant