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Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
job opportunity
Thinking of working in Canada? You might want to read further, as new programs offer diverse opportunities to graduates and immigrants with skills.

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Do you have a skilled trade, such as work in construction or utilities? Perhaps you have experience in being a cook or a baker? Learn about Federal Skilled Trades Program

Do you need to know English when moving to Canada? What about learning French? English is the most spoken language throughout the territories and provinces.

education, graduation and people
Looking for a diverse group of international students and a experience that offers numerous opportunities? Canada provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere to students from all over the world.

Welcome to Canada
Are you a skilled immigrant? You may be eligible for the Express Entry program that is offered to skilled and qualified immigrants into Canada.

Document with asylum stamp
Have you been forced to leave your home country because of persecution? Have you seen the horrors of war or have been made to flee? Canada welcomes you

Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
Thinking of becoming a citizen of Canada? What are the benefits of citizenship in Canada ? Continue reading to find out more details.

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Do you have papers that need to be "notarized?" This is often requested for documents in order to verify that they are true.

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Now open: Have you heard about the recent Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program’s Expression of Interest system for in-demand skills?

Air Canada
What are some of the first things to do when you arrive in Canada? You may be wondering how to start your life in Canada, especially during the first week.

happy family
Super Visa vs Multiple Entry Visa? Visitors to Canada with a regular visa may visit for up to 6 months. Wish to stay longer, you must file for an extension and pay a fee again.

Family Sponsor
Did you know that you can help your relatives to work, live and study in Canada? You can sponsor your family if you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.