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Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting
Saskatchewan Legislative Building
Do you know about the province of Saskatchewan? Why immigrate or move to Saskatchewan? If you are a potential immigrant with skills, this province wants you.

Canada Adds Additional New Jobs
Looking for work in Canada? Are you experienced in carpentry or construction? New jobs have opened up for immigrants with skills in additional fields.

Application for Canadian Citizenship
Do you know what the Physical Presence Test Calculator is? If you are considering becoming a citizen of Canada, you will need to know about this easy tool.

Son Welcomes His Mother in the Airport Terminal
Miss your family who are back home? Are you a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada? Your family can immigrate and then become permanent residents with your help.

skilled workers
Are you considering immigration to Canada? Do you love Canada and want to move here? It might be easier than you think.

Canada visa application
Love the idea of visiting Canada? Perhaps you want to visit because you are thinking of migrating to Canada. Are you planning a family holiday here? Canada offers the visitor a host of sports, scenic vistas and fun.

Excited entrepreneur girl reading a letter
Thinking of starting a new business or buying one in Canada? You may have a chance for you and a partner to be nominated for permanent residency in our country.

job opportunity
Thinking of working in Canada? You might want to read further, as new programs offer diverse opportunities to graduates and immigrants with skills.

Canada Repair worker gloves Canadian flag
Do you have a skilled trade, such as work in construction or utilities? Perhaps you have experience in being a cook or a baker? Learn about Federal Skilled Trades Program

Do you need to know English when moving to Canada? What about learning French? English is the most spoken language throughout the territories and provinces.

education, graduation and people
Looking for a diverse group of international students and a experience that offers numerous opportunities? Canada provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere to students from all over the world.

Welcome to Canada
Are you a skilled immigrant? You may be eligible for the Express Entry program that is offered to skilled and qualified immigrants into Canada.