Canada Wants Business Developers and New Businesses

Canada Wants Business Developers and New Businesses

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Canada Needs Business Developers and New Businesses

If you are now outside of Canada and think that you might want to immigrate, Canada is looking for Business Development Managers and officers. The country has a need for those who are skilled in research, marketing trends and formulation of strategies. As a certified immigration consultant, we want to help you learn more about this path to immigration as well as starting your own business in Canada.

Business Development Managers

Who are they, and what is their role? According to the NOC code 4163, they could be a business development manager or they might be an economic development officer or consultant. They could be a market researcher or a marketing analyst as well. Promotion of business and regional development analysts are also needed, as more business and new industry comes to Canada. Economic research officers and forecasters are also part of the future.


Tourism industry consultants and those in development of the tourist industry are also included in this group. They will help in bringing visitors to our country, aiding in the growth of the tourist industry. With so many beautiful paces to visit and abundant recreational choices, Canada wants their help as well.

Some of the duties within this group

These people develop policies and administer programs. They promote commercial and industrial business development in both urban and rural areas. They might also design market research questionnaires and consult surveys for economic and social trends in order to forecast for regional, local and national development.

They might plan projects the co-ordinate between the community and business. Government agencies might also be consulted as well as business associations. They might also review development proposals and assess strategy. Attracting venture capital may be part of their role, as business growth depends on financial input.

Business development might also include e-commerce strategies planning. Some of the people in this group might evaluate the buying habits of retail customers. Customer service and store environments might also receive evaluations by the worker in business development.

Requirements for employment

A bachelor’s degree is needed. Areas of study might be economics, commerce, business administration or public administration. Certification as an economic developer (Ec.D.) or certification as a Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) may also be requirements for some with this background.

Paths to immigrate

You might go through the Express Entry program or, if you have a desire to settle in a certain province, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) might be the right path.

Express Entry is a popular immigration program. It is based on points and a CRS score. Considered are your age, education level, language proficiency and work experience.

The Provincial Nominee Program is managed by the province you choose. A province may nominate a skilled and qualified worker to immigrate to their location. Each province sets their own criteria. The Saskatchewan nominee program is just one example.

New Businesses

Interested in starting a business? Another choice for immigration is given to those who want to start a business or buy an existing one in Canada. Each province has their won requirements, as those governments know their own needs and set their standards for Business Class immigration. Following are the requirements for bringing a business to Ontario or to Toronto.


To be part of the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream, you will need to be actively involved in the business on an ongoing basis, managing the business and overseeing it. It must create jobs for the area. If in Toronto, it must create at least two permanent full-time jobs. If it is a digital or tech company, one full-time job for a Canadian permanent resident or citizen is the minimum.

You must first register an expression of interest. Before that, you must meet certain mandatory requirements. Your business must be a viable one that will provide economic benefit to Ontario or the area in which it is located. If you have a business partner, both of you will need to meet the requirements.

Some requirements

You must have full-time business experience; it must be at least 24 months of this type of experience within the last 60 months. Your past experience must have been as a business owner or senior manager. You must have played an active role in the business. Ownership must have been at least one-third of the business.

Your net worth must fall between $400,000 CDN and $800,000 CDN, depending on where the business is located. In the Greater Toronto area, it will be closer to the $800,000 CDN figure. Those is digital technology, regardless of location, will require $400,000 CDN.

There are minimums as far as personal investment, and they will also depend on where the business will be located. Your personal investment must range from $200,000 CDN to $600,000 CDN. A $200,000 CDN minimum equity applies to a information and technology communications or digital communications.

You will need to be actively involved in this business. It must be in an ongoing basis, with involvement in managing the business as well. The purpose of your business must be to make a profit, and it must create jobs for its area, as mentioned previously.

Buying a business

You may purchase an existing business, although you must make at least one business-related trip to Canada within 12 months of your Expression of Interest. This business must have been in operation by the same owner for the last five years.

You’ll need to prove that you’ll be making an investment of at least 10% to improve or expand the business. This will be of advantage to Ontario and those who live here. If there are full-time employees working for the business when you purchase it, you must keep those employees after transfer of ownership.

Remember that seasonal and temporary businesses are not eligible for this type of immigration. Some types of businesses will not be eligible, such as pawnbrokers, laundromats and others. Bed and Breakfasts are not eligible in the Greater Toronto area.

Learn more

Canada wants you. We can help you in the process of business immigration, whether you have a business or are planning on buying one. Our highly trained professionals at CSHI can also help with Express Entry, if you are seeking employment as a Business Development Manager. In fact, we can help you with a range of immigration issues and are a notary public, as well. Contact us to learn more.