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Saskatchewan nominee program

Provincial Nominees Programs Welcomes Diverse People

Each province and territory has its own immigration programs that bring students, skilled workers, business people and semi-skilled ...
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Canadian Passport with flag

Canadian citizenship physical presence

The use of the Canadian citizenship calculator may be of help when you are a permanent resident who ...
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Visiting Canada

More About Visiting Canada and Visas

Planning a vacation in Canada? Have family and friends who live in our country? You’ll want to learn ...
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Set of College Students

Learn More About Being An International Student

Thinking of studying in Canada? Do you have some questions? At Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting, we can ...
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Start own business

Prince Edward Island: Immigrants Can Start a Business

Thinking of immigrating to the beauty and opportunity of Prince Edward Island? You may be interested in investing ...
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IELTS test report form

A Test for the Languages of Canada

One of the requirements that are necessary for immigration to Canada is a knowledge of the English or ...
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Canadian flag

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

What does it take to become a citizen of Canada? If you are presently living here or are ...
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keyboard with Canadian flag

Quebec Wants Workers in AI, Information Technology and Visual Effects

Parlez vous Francais? Are you somewhat of a “geek”? Technology is important to the growth of Quebec. Workers ...
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Refugee in Canada

What It Means To Be a Refugee in Canada

Are you at risk in your home country? If you cannot get the protection you need, you may ...
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Caregiver Path To Permanent Residence

Did you know that you can apply to a program as a caregiver? Recent changes have made it ...
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Study in Canada

DLIs and Study in Canada

Thinking of studying in Canada? Heard the term DLI and wonder what it means? We, as a certified ...
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Saskatchewan Legislative Building

Things Are Booming in Saskatchewan

Do you know about the province of Saskatchewan? Why immigrate or move to Saskatchewan? If you are a ...
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