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A Caregiver’s Path To Permanent Residence

Did you know that you can apply to a program as a caregiver? Recent changes have made it easier not to have to leave family members behind, as you enter a path to permanent residence in Canada. As a certified immigration consultant, we can explain more.

A previous program from 2014 had people coming to Canada as caregivers. These people then found out that they would not quality for permanent residence under that program. In addition to this, there were some who missed their family back home. The Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs programs expired as of June 18, 2019; these two programs will no longer be in force. However, other programs have taken their place and are better for caregivers as well as their families who want to come to Canada.

This year, a new program was announced that would have the government processing at least 6,000 applications by the end of the year. The new program will allow the workers to work in Canada, beginning the required period of two years work experience here. This would be included as you apply for permanent residence. You may also come to Canada as a temporary worker.

What Are the Programs?

They are the following pilot programs:

  • Home Child Care Provider
  • Home Support Worker

There is an allowance for the number of applicants, and each program allows for 2,750 principal applicants during each year. Family immigration to Canada is possible: Your immediate family will be included when you apply. You must meet the eligibility requirements and have a job offer to get into these programs. Both of these pilot programs are now closed for 2021 and will reopen for 2022.

The requirements

Caregivers must meet the following requirements:

  • Provide proof of relevant work experience
  • Have an education credential of 1-year that would be similar to a Canadian credential of 1-year
  • You must reach a minimum score in an English test

LMIA Approval is No Longer Needed

The Labor Market Impact Assessment is no longer a requirement. An employer must give you a formal job offer for Canada.

How Long Does It Take?

Processing time for first-time applicants is 12 months. Six months will be for the finalizing of the application. This is after you have given proof of fulfilling the required work experience.

The staff at Canada Safe Haven Immigration can tell you more about these programs and help you get ready for the time when new applications are accepted.

Already Live In Canada?: Bring In A Nanny

You can help the care of your family as well as an immigrant by offering a job to a suitable caregiver.

Your help will enable them to come to our country and begin work with you, their new employer. With the right person, your children will be cared for when your time does not allow it. The following are the steps that you will need to take to hire a nanny from another country:

  • You assure a contract between employer and caregiver
  • You submit an LMIA if needed
  • You pay the processing fee of $1,000 for each position
  • The caregiver obtains a work permit

You may need to fulfill other requirements as well. You must meet wage requirements as well as assure that the working conditions are safe for your caregiver. The person you hire as a caregiver may not perform other duties for which they were trained or hired for. Labour and employment legislation will apply to the province in which you live, and you will need to meet the median wage and hours for the work for which the caregiver is employed.

What Are the Benefits of A Foreign Nanny or Caregiver?

Your children will be exposed to a different culture and possibly, a new language, and they may be exposed to new food and tastes. Their life experience may be enriched as a result. An added benefit for you is that a foreign nanny may charge rates that are 12% lower than their Canadian counterpart. More stability is often a result, as the person is committed to being in Canada as a caregiver.

Daycare provides a group experience, while a nanny or caregiver provides one-on-one attention. They may have a special skill or experience, such as music, art or dancing; they can teach your children without the need to hire another special person.

Support from a foreign nanny can be year-round, while day care services may be seasonal. If your schedule gets changed, your caregiver is more flexible and can meet adjustments more easily. You can maintain a healthier balance of work and life, ultimately gaining more quality time with your children.

There are many other benefits of hiring a caregiver from another country. Although it may be a bit of a challenge to hire the right person, it will be worth it in the long term. The cultural exchange as well as experience for your children may be long remembered, even when they are adults.

Nannies who come in through the pilot programs have experience as caregivers and have met certain requirements. They are able to speak English or French with a high level of fluency. They can converse with children in an unsupervised setting. They may also speak another language.

You, as the private household employer of a caregiver, can partner with another household employer to share the responsibilities involved in hiring a foreign caregiver.

Learn More

Interested? We are certified immigration consultants and can tell you about immigration to Canada through the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Program. With many of our employees having come to Canada as immigrants, our dedicated and motivated team is multilingual.

Whether you are interested in coming to Canada as a caregiver or want to bring in a caregiver from abroad or need documentation, we can help. The focus is on your needs and issues, ensuring a high level of satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about the programs that may be a path to making Canada your home.