More About the Federal Skilled Worker Program

More About the Federal Skilled Worker Program

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Express Entry: More About the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Are you considering immigration to Canada? Do you love Canada and want to move here? It might be easier than you think. Do you have experience in an occupation that has been an important source of work for you? You may be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which is part of Express Entry. It is easy to apply to the program, which will be a solid path to becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Canada wants to fill jobs where there have been a lack of Canadian workers. You will be part of the economic progress of the country, as it looks to the future. There is a selection process, and there are minimum requirements. As a certified immigration consultant for Canada, we want to help you learn more.

What Are the Minimum Requirements?

In order to pass, you will need a score of at least 67 points, which is the current pass mark. Considered will be your extent of work experience, education, age, whether you have a job awaiting you and how likely you are to settle here permanently.

Each of the factors mentioned above allows you to achieve points. Scoring is based on 100 points. The highest ranking candidates will be selected and may be considered for an invitation to become a permanent resident.

What Does Skilled Work Experience Mean?

You will have to have skilled work experience in one of these three types of jobs, according to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) job classifications. These include the following types of jobs:

  • Management positions (skill type 0)
  • Professional positions (skill level A)
  • Technical positions (skill level B)

What are the skill types? They are the following:

Skill Type 0 management jobs might be restaurant managers, mine managers, shore captains for fishing and more.

Skill level A represents professional jobs in which a degree is from a university might be required. Doctors, dentists and architects may be part of this group.

Skill level B represents technical jobs for which a diploma or apprenticeship are required, such as chefs, plumbers, electricians and more.

There are more skill levels, but for the Skilled Workers Program, they consider you in the groups named above. You can find your job title, code and skill type here.

Performance of you job must follow the description as listed.

Your job experience must be the same as the job you are using for the application; it is your primary occupation. This experience must have been within the last 10 years, and you must have been paid for it. Volunteer work and internships do not count, nor do commissions.

You must have one year of continuous work at a minimum. A total of 30 hours per week can be met by a year at a full-time job or the equal amount of time (1,560 hours) in part-time work; several part-time jobs will qualify. You might also have had more than one full-time job, as long as you worked the 1560 hours.

Part-time work experience counts

Your work experience can be less than 15 hours per week. You can also work more than one part-time job. The important consideration is that it amounted to 1560 hours, at least.

If as a student, you had paid work experience, it may count toward your minimum requirements.

What Is the Language Requirement?

There is a language test that is a requirement. Tested will be your command of writing, reading, listening and speaking. Your score must be a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 in the areas listed above.

You will be entering your results in your profile. These results are valid for the next two years after the test results.

What Is the Education Requirement?

If you went to school in Canada, you must have a certificate or diploma from a high school or other school.

If your education is from a foreign country, you may need an (ECA) for the purposeof immigration. Your education must be equal to that of a high school or above.

Do You Need to Show Proof of Funds?

Yes, you must have the necessary funds to live here. The exceptions are: If you are currently able to legally do work at a job here or if there has been a job offered to you in Canada.

What Does “Being Admissible” Mean?

This means that you are allowed to come to Canada. Under immigration law, certain people may be “inadmissible.” It will be the decision of the Canadian immigration officer. Some of the reasons that they may not let you into our country include security, criminal or medical reasons.

Reasons include the following:

  • Security – included would be espionage, subversion, violence, terrorism or being a member of such a group
  • Human or international rights violations – war crimes and more
  • Committing a crime – includes of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Medical reasons
  • Financial reasons
  • And more

Having a family member who is inadmissible might make you inadmissible as well.

Do You Plan To Live Outside of Quebec?

Since Quebec has its own qualifications, you will be asked at the time of application where you are expecting to live. If it is in Quebec, there is a different process. You will be applying directly to the government of Quebec.

Provincial nominees must settle where they were nominated.

You Can Learn More About the Federal Skilled Worker Program

You can find out more about this program and others that are part of Express Entry into our country. Canada welcomes you and needs your skills for its future growth and opportunities. At Canada Safe Haven Immigration, we can give you information as well as help with notarizing your documents and more. Our knowledgeable staff speaks several languages and are immigrants themselves; they are also experienced professionals who know the immigration process and are here to help you.

Contact us today and get the personalized service and professional help you need to come to Canada and begin your exciting new life.