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Provincial Nominees Programs

Each province and territory has its own immigration programs that bring students, skilled workers, business people and semi-skilled workers to their province. An example is the nominee program for Saskatchewan (SNP), which brings people to this rapidly growing province. Ukrainians coming to Canada may want to consider the province of Saskatchewan as a place to resettle, find below more about Saskatchewan pr requirements also Saskatchewan occupation in-demand

What is the Saskatchewan nominee program(SNP)?

It is for those who are interested in living in Saskatchewan and contributing to its economic well-being and prosperity. You will want to do the following:

  • Have the skills, work experience and education to contribute to Saskatchewan’s economic prosperity
  • Want to live in Saskatchewan
  • Want to become a permanent resident of Canada

You can apply to the following programs:

  • International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Experience- for foreign nationals who are already in this province
  • Entrepreneur and farm – those who want to start a business and operate a farm in the province

Why Live in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has a high standard of living. The minimum wage for workers is $10.20. Average family income is $80,000. With an affordable cost of living, the costs for housing are the among the lowest in Canada. Energy costs are also affordable; natural resources are part of Saskatchewan. The province has publicly-funded programs, which helps to keep the standard of living high throughout the province.

The province provides 28 percent of Canada’s grain and over 54 percent of Canada’s wheat crop. This has led to the nickname of Canada’s “breadbasket.” However, the sectors of finance, real estate and insurance provide a significant amount of the province’s economy. Natural resources, such as potash, uranium, coal, oil and natural gas are found in the province. With much contributing to a strong economy, the unemployment rate is currently 4 percent. Within Canada, Saskatchewan is a good place to find work.

What about housing? About 65 percent of residents of the province live in its urban areas. Saskatchewan home prices, which have always been quite affordable, are rising with the success of the economy of the province. Houses in Saskatoon now have an average price of $352,000.

As far as education, the province provides schooling, free of cost, through the end of secondary school. It has a public school system, and the grades of kindergarten through 12th grade are free and are administrated through the Ministry of Learning. After this free secondary education, the research schools of the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina welcome students who want to further their education within the province.

Healthcare, such as within the other Canadian provinces, is provided by the government of Canada to residents of Saskatchewan. Each province has its own list of services provided to its residents with no cost to the patient. However, there may be some services that are not covered, such as cosmetic surgery and some dental procedures.

Saskatchewan is multi-cultural. Many eastern Europeans arrived there at the end of the 19th Century, including an influx of people from Ukraine. A province of diverse traditions, people such as the the Douhkobor community, had left their countries of origin to escape persecution. Because of this, they placed great efforts to keep their cultural practices alive once they arrived in Canada. Saskatchewan is a warm, colourful and welcoming place, which is the result of people who decided to settle here.

Saskatchewan Welcomes Ukrainians

The government of Saskatchewan is providing resources for displaced Ukrainians. It has space for an unlimited number of people who are fleeing Ukraine. At the present time, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is prioritizing applications received from Ukrainian applicants.

Ukrainians Coming to Canada

Canada has always welcomed refugees, and the Ukrainian refugees that are now fleeing war will be welcome with an accelerated path. There may even be future chartered flights by the government to make arrival easier. Ukrainians and their immediate family may now stay here for as much as three years. The government has created a program called Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET). It will allow refugees to stay in Canada up to 10 years.

Those who come on a visitor visa, and are still out of the country, may apply for a visitor visa. You will need to provide biometrics along with your visa application. The visitor visa will still be valid for three years. When their passports expire, they will then be able to extend them.

If you area a Ukrainian worker, student or visitor with your family members and are already in Canada, you may have your visa or permit extended for three years.
Jobs for Ukrainians
There will be help for job seekers, as many Canadian businesses have expressed an interest in hiring those who have recently arrived.

You may find a job in the province by visiting the employment opportunities here. Browse the many jobs posted on Saskatchewan’s leading job site:

Open Work Permits and Family Immigration to Canada

All Ukrainians who come to Canada as part of these measures will be eligible to apply for open work permits, making it easier for employers to quickly hire Ukrainian nationals. Immigration is implementing a special family reunification sponsorship pathway for permanent residence.

Whether you decide to settle in Saskatchewan or not, know that Canada welcomes you. However, Saskatchewan has shown an interest in welcoming Ukrainians as well as others who want to contribute to the prosperity of this province.

Refugees And international skilled worker Saskatchewan Are Welcome

Because the province of Saskatchewan welcomes those who wish to settle here, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program allows the province’s government to select individuals who wish to settle in and contribute to the province. With this in mind, their immigration visa application process may be made quicker and easier.

Contact a Certified Immigration Consultant

If you are interested in settling in Saskatchewan under Saskatchewan immigration nominee program or another province, we can help you. We have the information about the recent special programs for those who have fled from war in Ukraine as well as other places. We can help with documentation and paperwork as well as advise you on becoming a permanent resident or citizen in the future. Contact us at Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting.