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Learn About Being An International Student

Thinking of studying in Canada? Do you have some questions? At Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting, we can help answer your question, whether it concerns getting a study permit, finding a place to stay, working or just being in another culture.

Although it may seem overwhelming when you think of moving to a new country, there are people who will aid you along the way. Planning may be essential to help the move go more smoothly.

Getting a Study Permit

You will first need a letter to prove your acceptance in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). In some cases, acceptance may be provisional, and you will need to take a required course. Your present country may require a medical exam or interview.

You will need to show proof of the funds necessary for support while in Canada. That amount is set at a minimum of $10,000 in addition to your tuition. If family members will be with you, you will also need money for their support. There are also certain things that you will need for your study permit.

You can show proof of funds through bank statements, proof of an educational loan proof of funds given to you by school or person and other means. You will also need proof of identity and photos. Other documents may be a requirement as well.

What about COVID restrictions on travel?

You’ll need your study permit, and you must attend a school with an approved readiness plan for COVID-19. Some who are vaccinated fully may still need to quarantine for up to 14 days. See the recently updated page regarding travel before you begin travel to Canada.


There are opportunities for scholarships for international students to study in Canada. Some depend on your country of origin. There are scholarships for research as well. You may have to do research to find the best one for you as well as the guidelines to apply.

You may find a funding package, if you are a graduate student who wants to attend a Canadian university. Contact the school itself to see what funding packages they might have available.

Finding the Best Place To Stay

Some schools offer a dormitory or residence for international students. Otherwise you will need to find housing. Your school may have an international student centre where they have a list of apartments for rent or rooms where you may stay. The office may also help you with finding advertisements for rooms to rent. You may want to read this renting guide to help you in your finding a place to live.

Healthcare For Students

In case of an emergency or sickness, you will want to have healthcare in place when you arrive in Canada. Health insurance for international student will vary according to the province. Some provinces cover healthcare for students, while other provinces require that the student buy private health insurance.

On the other hand, some schools offer a mandatory coverage that is for international students. If you have your own private health insurance, you may not need this.

Ask your school to help you through this process; there are also links to provincial healthcare resources.


There are banks in Canada that offer banking for international students. A person at the branch can help you set up your account. You will need to have the following:

  • Study permit or temporary visa
  • A type of government photo ID
  • Proof of school enrollment

There may be an account with no monthly fees, which is great if you are a student.

Working While a Student

International students usually may work on the campus of their school. While they are doing their program, they may work. However, before or after the classes begin, they may not be employed. Employers that are allowed include private contractors that provide services on-campus or a school or student organization.

Interested in your own business? You can do it as long as it is located on your campus. You may also work more than one job that fit the rules mentioned.

You can work off-campus full-time during your scheduled breaks, such as summer vacation. However, you must be a full time student to be eligible to work during breaks.

Making Friends

Making friends and having a support group will make your time in Canada easier and happier. You can get involved in school activities, clubs or organizations, intermural activitities or those of your dorm. Your school’s international student office should have a list of activities and social events where you can meet other international students.

You may find that many of the other international students are anxious to make friends, and you may even meet some from your own country, if that is your interest.

Culture Shock in Canada

Not only will the weather be different from your home country, Canada has customs and tradition that may be different. Social interactions may call for more contact with other international students, who are going through the same issues. It may take some time to adjust, so be patient with yourself as you navigate new waters.

Succeeding While a Student

How do you succeed in a country that may have a different language in your learning? The expectations may be different from your home country, as you navigate this new environment. Do not worry, as most schools will have resources for international students, such as tutors, professors and teaching assistants who have open international student services to help.

Since Canadians value education, they have put together some information to help you succeed. There are some tips that will help in your new school and home life.

Want To Know More?

We are a certified immigration consultant and can help you with the study permit as well as other services. Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions, and we can also help with documentation, as a notary public.

If you have a dream of study in Canada and possibly working there, CSHI is here to help. From study permits to citizenship, there is help along the way. Contact us to learn more.