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Learn About the Super Visa

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Learn About the Super Visa

Are you a parent or grandparent? Do you have family in Canada that you are missing? With the coming of the warmer months, you may want to visit Canada to spend time with your family outdoors in beautiful Canada. In fact, grandparents and parents may qualify for the Super Visa, if your child or grandchild is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

For sure you have many questions in your mind now, What is a super visa? Who qualifies for Super visa? What is the salary for Super visa? What is difference between visitor visa and super visa? , as a certified immigration consultant, we want you to be aware of this exciting way to visit family; you may exit and return to Canada multiple times during a ten year period with a Super Visa. It means that you can go back to your home country and return to Canada again, under one visa experience. Stays, each time, are limited to two years in Canada within the ten year period.

What Makes You Eligible?

The first requirement is that your child or grandchild is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. If that is the case, you will need a letter signed by them that includes an invitation for you to visit. They will need to provide the following:

  • A promise of financial support during your visit
  • A copy of their permanent resident document or Canadian citizenship papers
  • A list of names and the number of people in the household you will be visiting

You Will Need Medical Insurance

During your stay, you may need medical care, and Canada wants to be sure you have it. As you are not eligible for our government program, you will need medical insurance from a company in Canada. It will need to be valid for at least a year from the date you enter Canada.

Your amount of coverage must be at least $!00,000, and you must have proof that the medical insurance has been paid. They will not accept a quote from an insurance company.

You Must Be Allowed to Enter Canada

In addition to applying from outside of the country, you must be allowed to enter Canada. You must also have a medical exam by a doctor in your own country, but they must be a physician approved by immigration.

What is a panel physician?

This is a doctor in your country or territory that has been approved to do the immigration medical exam. If the doctor who has authorization is not available, the clinic may suggest another authorized doctor. You can find a panel physician by using this page of lists.

There are some reasons that you may not be allowed to enter Canada for medical reasons. There are three possible reasons that they might find you inadmissible. These include being a danger to public health, being a danger to public safety or creating an excessive demand on health or social services. These apply to visitors as well as those who plan on living in Canada permanently.

Will Your Canadian Child or Grandchild Need Proof of Funds?

Yes, their household must meet minimum necessary income and show proof that they have the funds available. Some of the ways that they may show proof of their income include the following:

  • Employment insurance stubs
  • NOA- Notice of Assessment or T4/T1 for the most recent tax year
  • Their employment letter that mentions the salary and hiring date
  • Pay stubs from employment
  • Bank statements

The NOA is sent to them by the government (Canada Revenue Agency) after they file their tax return. They should have it, as it is an important document.

What are some typical income requirements for my Canadian child or grandchild?

The size of their family unit will determine how much super visa income is necessary to sponsor your Super Visa visit.

If your child or grandchild is single (one person in household) their income must be a minimum of approximately $26,000. A three-person household will need a minimum income of approximately $39,500.

A six-person household would need an income of approximately $61,500. A seven-person household would need an income of approximately $68,500. If there are more than 7 persons in their household, an additional amount of approximately $7,000 would be added for each person.

What Are Some Other Conditions That Canada Will Consider?

They want to be sure that you will be a true visitor and that you will leave when your visit ends. With this in mind, they will consider the purpose of your visit. What are your ties to your home country? Your family and finances will also receive consideration. A very important consideration is the overall political and economic stability of your home country.

Another Visa Option

If you plan on staying six months or less, you may want to apply for a visitor visa. This will be instead of the Super Visa and will be attached to your passport.

What Are the Advantages of the Super Visa?

You can see your family and spend time with them for more than six months without worrying about renewing your status. Reuniting with family may be very special, especially if you have not seen your children or grandchildren in a while.

How Long Does It Take For Processing?

The super visa processing time will depend on the country that you are coming from. You can check the processing time here.

An example is that a Super Visa for a person from Afganistan might take 137 days, while someone from France might also take 137 days. On the other hand, processing time for Egypt may take 332 days.

Fingerprints and photo (biometrics) may be necessary and are not included in the times mentioned for processing. The number of days does not include the time it may take to send your super visa application form from the home country to the Canadian government office.

You May Want Help With Your Super Visa

Do you want assurance that you have have the necessary documents, and your child or grandchild has them as well? We can help you. As certified immigration consultants and a notary public, CSHI can help with documentation. We can also answer your questions regarding the super visa vs visitor visa or being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. Contact us to get assistance with your immigration and visitor questions.