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Bring Your Family To Canada

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Bring Your Family To Canada

Miss your family who are back home? Are you a Canadian permanent resident or citizen of Canada? Your family can immigrate and then become permanent residents with your help. The Canadian government wants to play a role in reuniting families. Family immigration to Canada may no longer be a dream; it can be a reality.

Knowing that there is a way that makes it easier to bring family members will give you assurance that you can live a full life in Canada. You may be an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act, a citizen or a permanent resident. Know that you can reunite with family here. They can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents.

What is the program that brings families together again? It is the Family Class Sponsorship and allows citizens or permanent residents of our country to sponsor a family member who wishes to immigrate and live here. Canada Safe Haven Immigration Consulting wants you to know more about this way to reunite with family members.

What are the qualifications for family?

First of all, you as the sponsor, must be over the age of 18 years. You may be able to sponsor the following family members:

  • Common-law partner, spouse or conjugal partner
  • Dependent child
  • Parent or grandparent
  • Sibling
  • Nephew, niece, or grandchild under 18; their parents must not be living

What is meant by spouse and partners?

If eligible, you must be able to support them financially and to make sure that they do not need government assistance. Your spouse is the person legally married to you; they must also be at least 18 years old.

The common law partner

They are not legally married to you. They must be over 18 and can be either sex. They must have been living with you for a minimum or 12 months in a row. You may have spent periods away from each other, but they were temporary or short. You will need to prove that the person you wish to sponsor is part of your common-law relationship.

What is a conjugal partner?

This defines a person of either sex who you are not married to. They are not in a common-law relationship because of some important reasons. These could be the following:

  • Fear of persecution
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital status

What is considered a dependent child?

They must be under 22 years of age, and they do not have a spouse or common law partner. Both of these are the requirements.

If they are over 22 years of age, they must not be able to support themselves because of a physical or mental condition. They also must have depended on you before the age of 22 years. These are both required.

You can sponsor your own child, who may already be a citizen of Canada, even though they were not born here. There are certain conditions that make them a citizen already. Check here to see this.

Also available for sponsorship is your spouse or partner and their child. That child may have a child of their own as well, your grandchild, the grandchild can be listed as a dependent also. Documentation must be submitted as required. Medical exams and biometrics, such as fingerprints, may be necessary.

Inadmissible: Who Can’t Be Sponsored?

Inadmissible means that they are not allowed, under Canadian law, to come to Canada. There are certain reasons why you would not be allowed into our country. What are the reasons that you cannot sponsor them?

Someone who is inadmissible will be stopped at the border, so it is wise to know this information ahead of time. They might not be allowed into the country because of security reasons, humanitarian violations, committing a crime or being part of organized crime. Drugged or drunk driving may receive consideration as a crime.

Medical reasons might prevent their entry into Canada. If they would cause an excessive demand on health or social services that would be a reason. Another reason might be that they are a danger to public health or public safety.

Financial reasons may make your family members inadmissible. If you are unwilling or unable to support them, that would be the result.

How Long Will It Take For Family Members?

A processing time of 12 months will apply to your spouse, partner or dependent child. A child being sponsored will have a time according to the country in which they are presently living.

Another relative which you agree to sponsor might have a processing time according to the country from which they are coming. Remember that you will need to provide them with food, shelter and clothing, and they do not need social assistance.

The processing time for an adopted child will vary by the country from which they have been adopted. The immigration process for an adopted child will require an application for sponsorship and an application of permanent residence for that child. After the child arrives and the adoption has been finalized, you may apply for citizenship for your child.

Parents and grandparents may wait 20 to 24 months for their application to be processed, in order to become permanent residents. They may need to give fingerprints or other biometrics; the time for this has been included in the time it takes to process their application. If they want to just visit, they may be able to get a super visa, which allows for an extended stay after arrival.

Getting Together Again

Canada welcomes your relatives, and you will enjoy having them nearby as well. Celebrate holidays and enjoy special gatherings with the arrival of your missed family members. Once they arrive here, there are abundant services to help them get adjusted. Language classes and community services, such as NextStopCanada, are here to help them, even before they arrive.

Interested in this program? If you would like to learn more about family sponsorships, as a certified immigration consultant, we can help. Our professional knowledgeable staff is made up of those from other countries who have made Canada their home. Contact us to learn more about the Family Sponsorship Program or other service. As a notary public, we can also help with documentation.