Help With Adjusting to Your New Life in Canada

Help With Adjusting to Your New Life in Canada

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Help With Adjusting to Your New Life in Canada

New to Canada? Befuddled with your new home? Relax, as there are a host of services that can help you, as a new immigrant, to Canada. Whether you live in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta or other province, there are organizations and services that are waiting to help you adjust to your new life in our country.

There are even services that you can access before you migrate to Canada. These services and those within Canada are free to you. They have phone numbers at which people can be reached. A simple form on your computer can help you locate those services that are closest to you.

All Ages and More Are Considered

There are special programs and services for youth, seniors, and women. For example, in Edmonton, Alberta, there is Accès emploi Alberta, which offers services for women, seniors and youth as well as help with daily life. They are also a Francophone service provider.

You might find a service that is aimed at the LGBTQ2 community or for recent refugees. Some programs offered in British Columbia include the following:

  • Women escaping violence
  • Those struggling with addiction
  • Newcomers to Canada

Employment Training and Language

There is specific language training that applies to a job. Some of the services that help employers and employees may offer advice to employees seeking jobs. Entrepreneurs may also receive help

Toronto offers language instruction to newcomers to Canada and classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) for adults, also offering programs for those who want to teach ESL. The Toronto District School Board also offers programs for international adults as well as training and certificate programs.

A program in Ontario, called Bridge Training, helps you continue working in your or field where you received training before coming to Canada.

Becoming a Mentor to a Newcomer and More

Some programs have school-based activities and Black Youth Empowerment initiatives. There are Youth clubs and youth community engagement that newcomers may find of interest. You may soon have a chance to mentor another newcomer.

Help With Daily Life

You might find childcare services, such as that offered by Ontario’s Chatham-Kent Language and Learning. Help with language issues and language classes is available. There are people who are settlement professionals that may help you sign your kids up for school or find the right place to live.

A settlement professional can help you learn about the services in your community that may be helpful on a daily basis. As a newcomer, Canada appreciates you and will help you in settling in. The country welcomes you and looks forward to your contribution in making Canada diverse and rich in culture.

We know that settling in to your new life in Canada may take a while, but there are abundant services to help you. As licensed Canadian immigration consultants, we can help you with visa, residency and citizenship issues as well as family sponsorships and study permits. Contact us to learn more.