Some Tips About Your New Home in Canada

Some Tips About Your New Home in Canada

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Some Tips to Know About Your New Home in Canada

If you are a recent immigrant to Canada, there are some things you might want to know that will help you be successful. Things may be done differently from where you came from. These tips can help adjustment to your new home.

Weather: It's Cold Outside

Although you can’t do anything about it, being prepared for the weather will help tremendously. Do you come from a warm or mild climate? Not looking forward to -25°C or even temperatures below 0? The right clothing, as well as attitude will help you to get through the months of winter.

Vancouver has daytime temperatures that are usually above freezing. However, some areas where newcomers may live, may experience -40°C, sometimes even -50°C or -60°C. Add to this the wind in your face, and it is a cold day.

Stay indoors the whole winter? Edmonton and Toronto have underground walkways that are designed to keep its residents warm. Other than that, be prepared to wear layers of clothing. Temperatures may vary by quite a bit during the same day, so wearing a sweater under a puffy coat might be a good idea.

Hats, gloves and earmuffs should be part of your dress code. Your head should be covered, as most body heat escapes through the head. Lip balm will keep your lips from cracking, and sunglasses will help with glare from sun or snow.

Clothing materials should dry quickly, especially if you walk in snow or rain. Cotton might be avoided; there are other materials to help you stay dry. Check the labels.

Remember to remove layers, so you won’t be too hot. Sweat will make you feel even colder.

You can still enjoy the winter in Canada. Scenery is spectacular, and getting outdoors and exploring new places can be done with the right clothing.

On the other hand, some residents of Canada escape to Cuba or Florida during the winter months.

The Cost of Living Might Be a Wake-up

Remember to do your homework and learn about the difference in the cost of living in different places. Research is really important before you move to a new city. Your can find the differences in the cost of living in this chart.

Vancouver and Toronto, with their downtown areas especially, are more expensive. Montreal has rent control, but the salaries there are less; property values area also lower.

There are many other factors that might be considered when choosing a city to live in. Does it have the type of food you love? Here’s a take by experts: Read more here.

Here's a Tip: Leave a Tip

You may be from a country where service was included in the price of a meal. In Canada, many service workers expect tips, as servers’ wages are low. The standard is 15 percent of the total bill (possibly 20 percent for good service) or a dollar per drink (a couple of dollars would suffice for a round).

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