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Learn More About the Canadian People

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Learn More About the Canadian People

Who are the Canadian people? As an immigrant, you may want to know that immigration has played an important part in the last 200 years; newcomers have helped to build and defend modern-day Canada. Many ethnic and religious groups make up the Canada of today, with 20 percent of Canadians being born outside the country.

Toronto has a population that is 34 percent immigrants; they make up a society that is considered multicultural. This includes permanent residents and citizens. There is a strong belief in Canada that diversity makes the country strong, and that all citizens are equal. What are the other people besides immigrants that have made our country what it is today?.

French Canadians

The descendants of French colonists that make up French Canadians include the Acadians, Quebecers and the people who speak French in other Canadian communities.

Acadians go as far back as 400 years ago. They were those who settled in the Atlantic region, and their descendants now live in Canada.

On the other hand, Quebecers (“Québécois” in French) make their home in Quebec and are descended from the French settlers who came from France in the 17th and 18th centuries. At that time, they brought many French traditions which can still be seen today. Their language, identity and culture are unique. Recognized by the Canadian Parliament in 2006, they are a nation that has been formed within Canada. There are one million English-speaking Anglo-Quebecers that are an important addition to the social mixture of Quebec.

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Before the European explorers came to Canada, there were aboriginal people living here. Later, explorers, pioneers and then settlers arrived. But the Aboriginal peoples consisted of:

Aboriginals still make up a part of Canada. In 2016, 2016 census, Indigenous peoples in Canada totaled 1,673,785 people, or 4.9 percent of the population,. These included the following:

  • First Nations people – 977,230
  • Metis – 587,545
  • Inuit – 65,025

There were 7.7 percent of the population, age of 14 and under, who were of Indigenous descent in 2016.

The Founders of Canada

Those that are considered the founders of the country include the following:

  • Aboriginals
  • French Canadians
  • English Canadians

English Canadians

Those who are called English Canadians are the descendants of those who came from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, as settlers and soldiers. Migrants also came and settled in Canada along with others from these countries; it was during the period between the 17th and 20th century. With the arrival of these pioneers, a host of British traditions and political customs became part of the fabric of Canadian society.


It is obvious that immigrants are an important part of Canada today and are the foundation of the people who make up our country. Many Canadians were born in Canada, although they are descended from people who have arrived during the last 200 years.

If you are new to our country or are thinking of migrating to Canada, you may want to contact us. As licensed Canadian immigration consultants, we can help you with citizenship and residency issues.