Study in the Scenic Province of Manitoba

Study in the Scenic Province of Manitoba

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Study in the Scenic Province of Manitoba

Have You Ever Considered Study in Manitoba? Manitoba offers a variety of choices when it comes to international student immigration to Canada. From colleges to universities, learning is available in both English and French. With its vibrant arts scene, natural beauty and a diverse economy, you might consider Manitoba as a fine choice for study.

Studying at a DLI

International students who study at a designated learning institution (DLI) can apply for a post graduate work permit (PGWP). Not all programs are eligible, so learn more about these study and work immigration and citizenship here.

After you have graduated from a DLI and may have work experience, you may want to remain in Canada. Living permanently in Manitoba for you and family is an option.

St. Boniface College, University of Manitoba

What is the benefit of studying and living in Manitoba?

This province has a high standard of living as well as costs of living that may be less than other cities in Canada. Housing is affordable, and world-class education is offered. Manitoba has leading-edge facilities that are internationally recognized.

Universities and Colleges in Manitoba

There are a plethora of universities that have been designated as DLI in Manitoba. Among them are the following:

  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Booth University College
  • Brandon University
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Providence University College
  • Université de Saint-Boniface
  • University College of the North

The University of Manitoba is known for Actuarial science, Architecture, Engineering, Law and Pharmacy while the University of Winnipeg has signature programs in Theatre and film, Kinesiology and Bio-anthropology. Both are located in Winnipeg.

Colleges that are approved and also accept international students include the following:

  • Red River College
  • Assiniboine Community College
  • International College of Manitoba
  • École Technique et Professionnelle (ETP)
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

There are also other schools that accept international students, such as flight schools and dance schools.

Winnipeg, Manitoba city center in autumn

Visit Manitoba First

You’ll see how Manitoba is a great place to live, by a visit first. With a Canada visitor visa, you can visit Manitoba’s provincial parks, where an abundance of bison, polar bears, beluga whales, great horned owls and elk live. Wildlife lives in rugged wilderness as well as open prairie fields and over 100,000,00 lakes.

Sports enthusiasts will love living here while studying. You can go dog sledding or camping in one of the parks throughout the year. Spring and summer offers a chance to kayak or enjoy beach time. Spot the 3,000 beluga whales during the summer months at the Churchill River Estuary. You’ll be able to go hiking or biking in a terrain that includes gentle lakeshore walks, steep, shale cliffs and rocky sub-arctic tundra, to name a few. Trails are spread through Manitoba and include the Rice Creek Tower Trail – Porcupine Provincial Forest and the Willow and Deadwood Loop – Morden trails.

Visiting Manitoba will allow you to explore its learning opportunities as well as its beauty, wildlife and natural recreation.

What Canada Safe Haven can do ?

If you need more information on studying, living and working in Manitoba contact us. As a consultant for immigration in Canada, we can help.