Canada to Welcome Even More Immigrants in 2021

Canada to Welcome Even More Immigrants in 2021

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With the idea of recovery in mind, immigration will expand in the next three years, it was announced by Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister, recently. According to Canada Immigration News, a new immigration plan was presented that will make up for the decreases of 2020 immigration during the pandemic.

If you are looking for permanent residency in Canada in the coming year or next, you will be part of this boost in recovering. It might be time to think about a plan for making Canada your new home or bringing family here.

2020 Immigration Declined

In August of 2020, there were 64 percent fewer new permanent residents admitted when compared to August of 2019; this was the result of Covid-19, as many could not travel due to the restrictions in place. In the period of January to August of 2020, Canada has on record 128,430 permanent resident admissions. During the same period in 2019, 228,430 newcomers were welcomed to Canada.

More Than 401,000 in 2021

The increase will offset a population that is aging and a birth rate that is low. With nearly 18 percent of the population over the age of 65, immigration will open up a pool to supply the labour force and grow the economy with skilled workers and others.

What Do Canadians Think?

80 percent of the population thinks that immigration improves the country as a whole; it makes it more diverse and multicultural. However, Canadians think that family members should be given priority admission but recognize that immigration is necessary for long term recovery.

It was stated by Marco Mendicino,
“As we look to recovery, newcomers create jobs not just by giving our businesses the skills they need to thrive, but also by starting businesses themselves.”
“Our plan will help to address some of our most acute labour shortages and to grow our population to keep Canada competitive on the world stage.”

Future Numbers

For the year 2022, Canada will welcome 411,000 immigrants and in the year 2023, 421,000 immigrants. Canada has never come close again to the 400,000 level since the year 1913, when it admitted 401,000.

The plan will call for levels that include 60 percent of all immigrants under the economic class programs, including through the Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry classification.

Parlez-vous Français?

It was also announced by Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister, that French-speaking Express Entry candidates will get more points. This is because Canada aims to admit 4.4 percent of French-speaking immigrants that are outside of Quebec by 2023.

They want the French-speaking segment of Canada to be spread throughout the country, enriching communities, while creating local good jobs across the provinces.

If you are thinking of migrating to Canada or want to know how to get permanent residency in Canada, contact us to learn more. As you have read, you will be very welcome in Canada as an immigrant when 2021 begins.